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Neighbours’ off-screen feuds – brutal dumping, actor thrown off set and finale snub


Even though Neighbours is a daily family drama, it has had its fair share of off-screen scandals, with some of the show’s greatest stars getting implicated in significant backstage turmoil.

The largest cast members of the Australian programme have experienced the negative effects of fame and have left the set in disgrace.

As Neighbours draws closer to the end of its run of episodes, it has undoubtedly been involved in some great drama, both in front of and behind the camera.

Here, we take a look at some of the greatest scandals from the programme that overshadowed the gripping storylines taking place in famous Erinsborough.


Stripper scandal

In an off-screen altercation, Scott McGregor was glassed by a Gold Coast stripper who had attacked the actor for being impolite to her.

In April 2019, the actor had a lip injury at Hollywood Showgirls; the event was reported to the police and prosecuted.

Danielle Lee said in court that she had been fired as a result, and she accused the Australian celebrity of abusing her by using phrases like “f* off you disgusting sg.”

In addition to releasing Ms. Lee on a $1,000 good behaviour bail, Magistrate Mark Howden ordered her to pay $80 toward Mr. McGregor’s medical expenses.


While Scott did harass and humiliate the dancer, in his opinion, her response was out of scale, and there was no conviction.

Racial conflict

Shareena Clanton publicly promised to “never work” on the serial again when she left after being hired as a “second” Sheila Canning, citing her “many racist experiences.”

When it comes to “sexist, misogynistic, vulgar, and ugly” comments between cast and staff, the Wentworth actress told the Guardian Australia there is a “unhealthy amount of silent cooperation.”

The actress contrasted the “type of words” she overheard on set to those from other shows, adding they “would undoubtedly [end in] instant dismissal.”


“People just kept getting a kind word spoken to them,” she added, or “having a polite side conversation between [the offender] and the individual who was outraged by what was being said.”

The actor in issue was eventually taken away from the set so that he may go to training before coming back to the drama.

Even after calling someone out for using a racial slur, the actress found herself in hot water.

A staff member then turned to me and advised me to take it somewhere else since I was upsetting other customers, Shareena continued.

Legal battle

From 1987 until 1989, Craig McLachlan played Henry Ramsay in the soap opera. He has criticised the show for not asking him to appear in the last episode.

The actor has blamed “cancel culture” for his exclusion from the show that made him famous, despite having been exonerated of indecent assault accusations two years ago.


His representative told The Sun: “Cancel culture won’t let her son Henry to appear or even be acknowledged. Henry’s deceased mother is being reborn for the final episode.

It has been awful for Craig and his partner [Vanessa Scammell] to go through what they have over the previous four and a half years, only to emerge from it to face, among other things, the attempted irreversible erasure of his role in Neighbours history.

“Craig was not requested to participate in the final episode or, in fact, to make any contributions to Neighbours’ demise.”

In 2014, McLachlan was charged with indecently abusing actors on The Rocky Horror Show. Melbourne Magistrate Belinda Wallington acquitted him of all allegations.

Following the publication of claims that he had kissed and groped actresses without their consent in the Rocky Horror stage production, Neighbours, City Homicide, and The Doctor Blake Mysteries, McLachlan sued the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, and Neighbours actor Christie Whelan Browne for defamation.

On the day that 11 people were scheduled to testify, he abandoned the defamation lawsuit in May 2022. He cited the impact on his family and mental health as the basis for his decision.

Brutal dumping

It would be an understatement to say that Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan were a famous couple in the 1980s and 1990s.

Due to their portrayals as star-crossed lovers Charlene Mitchell and Scott Robinson, the couple gained popularity all over the world.

With nearly 20 million enthusiastic people turning in to watch the wedding, their wedding became the most watched episode of Neighbours ever.

To the joy of their rabid fan base, the couple had started dating in real life back in 1986. However, Kylie was about to break Jason’s heart.

She brutally ended their relationship after three years in order to date INXS rocker Michael Hutchence.

Jason previously expressed how shocked he was by their unexpected split. In 2016, he admitted to the Mirror that the breakup was “very traumatic” and that it took him a while to get over it. years, for sure.

“It would have been horrible enough if she had ran off with anyone, but she just so happened to fall into the arms of the greatest rock god of the time—the exact person I had been secretly hoping to become.

That punch was quite difficult to take.

Jason and Angela Malloch have three children together: Jemma, Zac, and Molly. They have a happy marriage.

Kylie, meantime, had a number of well-known relationships over the years before deciding to settle down with GQ founder Paul Solomons.

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