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Neighbours lines up scary return scenes for Corey Smythe-Jones


Corey may have been absent for some time, but he’s ready to make a stunning return in Neighbours.

Corey had abducted Harlow, drugged her, and whisked her away to become the next member of his cult, The Order, the last time we saw him.

The Order was an organisation with which Harlow’s mother was associated during her senior years, and they are surely a persistent bunch.

After Freya, Levi, and David rescued Harlow, Corey fled, but Harlow soon realised he hadn’t given up on her when she discovered spyware on her phone.


She’s been determined to utilise that information to lure him out of hiding, but Sergeant Andrew Rodwell will be a stumbling block in the coming episodes.

Andrew expresses his strong opposition to her scheme and demands that she turn it off for her own safety.

Harlow is able to schedule a meeting with Corey and insists that she understands what she’s doing. She goes ahead with the arrangement, only to be surprised when Corey alters the location and time at the last minute.

Andrew interprets this as another another hint that they should be cautious, but there is one Ramsay Street inhabitant eager to atone for their previous transgressions: Sadie.


Sadie is eager to do some good after what she did to Hendrix, and when she hears about the sting operation, she joins Zara, and the two prepare to take down Corey themselves.

But this proves to be a hazardous strategy when the girls venture into the forest and meet the man himself – and it quickly becomes evident that they have grossly overestimated Corey’s abilities…

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