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Neighbours lines up emotional Susan Kennedy scenes in series finale


Prepare to bid Susan and Karl a final farewell.

Spoilers for Neighbors are below.

The final episode of Neighbours will air the next week, and it appears that only Susan and Karl Kennedy will remain on Ramsay Street.

Chloe Brennan has listed number 24 for sale as the start of the following week approaches and is prepared to leave Erinsborough to begin a new life, perhaps with Elly Conway.


To the surprise of the Kennedys at number 28, Chloe is not the only one as numbers 22, 26, 30, and 32 are all also placed up for sale.

The sight of all the for-sale signs horrifies Karl and Susan, and they are forced to imagine what life will be like on Ramsay Street with a whole different set of neighbours.

While they accept when Harold Bishop asks them to become the new caretakers of the Ramsay Street history book, Susan finds it difficult to comply with his request to write a fresh introduction.

However, Karl and Susan are too busy planning Toadie and Melanie’s wedding and dealing with some recent turmoil from Izzy Hoyland to have time to lament the loss of all their pals.


Making the most of the situation, the Kennedys make an effort not to concentrate on all the changes that are about to occur and go above and beyond to ensure that Toadie and Melanie have a day to remember.

But how will Ramsay Street’s longest-tenured residents adjust to having all of their pals relocate?

After 37 years and just over 8,900 episodes, Neighbours comes to an end next week with an hour-long finale broadcast in a primetime slot.

In addition, Channel 5 has scheduled two specials, one about characters from the show’s past and the other on the several actors who transitioned into the music industry, to air just after the finale in the UK.


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