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Neighbours legend unmasked on The Masked Singer Australia


A famous Neighbours star has been revealed as the first celebrity on The Masked Singer Australia.

Ryan Moloney, who plays Toadie in the television series Neighbours, made his knightly entrance on Sunday, August 7, after singing the song “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran (via The Advertiser).

The phrase “the closest thing Australia has to actual royalty” was used to hint to the identity of the knight, but judges Chrissie Swan, Mel B, Dave Hughes, and Abbie Chatfield were unable to correctly identify him before the reveal.

Having portrayed Toadfish on the soap opera for thirty years before it was cancelled and the final episode was broadcast last week, Moloney is a national treasure of Australia.


In a recent reflection on his time on the soap opera, the actor expressed his regret about the cancellation.

“It’s extremely tragic because the industry has taught a lot of people, and it’s a fantastic stormwater. The loss of this type of education is therefore regrettable “said the celebrity.

“There is thankfulness present as well as an attempt to appreciate every second you have with these folks. The attitude of “Come on, let’s make this really good” is unmistakable. Let’s get this done extremely well.”

“Many individuals, in my opinion, have undoubtedly grown up with it simply being a part of their lives and the furniture in general. And that’s television in the same sentence, “Added he.


“The majority of television programmes don’t last this long; if they’re lucky, they only last a few seasons before ending. We have so been extraordinarily fortunate to continue operating for this long. I consider it a great blessing that we have interacted with individuals for such a long time.”

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