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Neighbours confirms details of Joel Samuels’ return story after 20-year absence


Spoilers for Neighbors are below.

The final episode of Neighbours will air the following week, but before that, we have some familiar characters to welcome back.

Joel Samuels is among those making a comeback for the last episode; this is the first time Daniel MacPherson has played the part since he left in early 2002.

Toadie Rebecchi is getting about to get married to Melanie Pearson, so Joel makes a surprise appearance to wish him well.


And he finds out to his amazement that Toadie has listed number 30 for sale so that he and Melanie can start over somewhere new with the kids.

Joel learns about Amy’s sudden leaving after she acknowledged that she has emotions for Toadie and is unable to attend the wedding while he and Toadie catch up and he enjoys getting to know Melanie.

Toadie and Melanie are as shocked by Amy’s statement as are Joel, and the three of them try to figure out what would have led her to feel the way she does.

However, there is still a wedding to prepare, so Toadie and Melanie concentrate on it instead. They are thrilled when Callum comes back to take part in the wedding.


Will Amy remain away from Melanie and Toadie’s impending nuptials and new beginning, or is she planning to show up and throw yet another last-minute wrench in the works?

Joel’s appearance follows prior appearances by people like Lance Wilkinson, Stuart Parker, and Connor O’Neill to celebrate yet another “House of Trouser” reunion.

In his first stay, which lasted from 1998 to 2002, Joel was in the spotlight for some major stories, including the iconic 1998 finale in which he was trapped under a car with rising seas.

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