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Neighbours’ Amy Greenwood to confess her feelings for Toadie Rebecchi


Amy Greenwood from Neighbours makes the decision to confess her affections for Toadie Rebecchi next week.

Since Toadie revealed his engagement to Melanie Pearson, Amy has been battling envy.

Zara Selwyn, Amy’s daughter, has noticed the telltale signals that her mother is secretly inconsolable. The youngster has even requested Harold Bishop’s assistance in sabotaging Toadie and Melanie’s relationship.

When requested to make Melanie’s wedding dress in the episodes airing the following week, Amy feels uncomfortable more than before.


This entails spending more time close to the happy couple and having to put up with all of their intense love and affection.

Amy turns to Harold for assistance as she battles with her feelings; Harold is still emotionally invested in the drama.

Amy discloses to Toadie that she is beginning to regard him as more than just a friend as he struggles to control her emotions in the face of Melanie and Toadie’s attempts to comprehend what is happening.

Toadie is astounded by the confession, and Amy believes it’s better to avoid him and Melanie altogether.


The couple tries to figure out what led to this unexpected turn of events, but Amy feels it would be best to put some distance between herself and Toadie.

Has Amy’s disclosure permanently shattered their friendship, or is there still hope for them to mend fences?

One of the storylines dominating Neighbours’ final weeks is Toadie and Melanie’s wedding.

The venerable soap opera is preparing for its grand finale, which will air on July 28 in Australia and July 29 in the UK.


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