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Neighbours legend stuns fans with unexpected appearance in Three Thousand Years of Longing trailer


The teaser for George Miller’s long-awaited sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road features a surprise appearance by Madge Bishop from Neighbours!

The Australian filmmaker’s next project, Three Thousand Years Of Longing, recently received its debut trailer. In it, we meet Alithea (Tilda Swinton), a’solitary creature’ who finds a blue glass bottle in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and unleashes a djinn (Idris Elba) from it.

After shrinking to human size in Alithea’s hotel room, the djinn bestows three wishes on her, anxious to learn what she plans to do.

Three Thousand Years of Longing appears to be full of surprises, as you’d expect from the director of the Mad Max films, as we discover out what adventures Alithea’s wishes lead us on.


One of those surprises is a brief visit by Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston), a Neighbours legend, who appears when Alithea wants to carry her new companion home with her.

It’s safe to say that fans were taken aback by her appearance in the new teaser, with several fans pointing out that “Madge from Neighbours” had appeared in one of the most improbable locations.

“The worst thing about George Miller’s latest film ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ & there are a lot of them, Madge from ‘Neighbours’ is in it,” one spectator remarked.

Fans of Neighbours will recall Anne Charleston as the iconic Madge Bishop, who appeared on and off in the Australian soap from 1986 until her death in 2015.


Madge was not only the matriarch of the Ramsay family and well-known for her marriage to Harold Bishop, but she was also the mother of Charlene, played by Kylie Minogue.

This summer, Three Thousand Years of Longing will be released in theatres. It will be released in US theatres on August 31, although it is uncertain whether it will be released in UK theatres at the same time. Don’t forget to look at our list of all the upcoming movies in 2022.

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