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Neighbours airs character departure as final week begins


Exit scenes for Byron Stone, the son of Jane Harris, have shown on Neighbours.

In the Channel 5 episode airing on Monday, which marked the beginning of the long-running Australian soap opera’s final week, Byron made his exit.

Recently, viewers have witnessed Jane and Byron argue about his role as a male escort.

There was a lot of friction in the family as Jane struggled to accept the fact that her son works as a sex worker.


The most recent episode of the show saw Byron telling Jane he was leaving because a client had asked him to visit Cape Town.

Jane quickly apologised for her recent harsh treatment of Byron and made it clear that she did not want him to leave.

After saying that the separation would benefit them both, Byron counselled his mother to seek out a shot at happiness by forgiving her estranged partner Clive Gibbons in light of recent arguments.

Later, Byron bid Jane a heartfelt farewell, and the two parted ways amicably.


The guest appearance of Joe Klocek in the role of Byron is assumed to be coming to an end with these sequences.

In a recent interview, Shane Isheev, the script producer for Neighbours, discussed the choice to quickly introduce Byron before the season finale of the programme.

According to Shane, Digital Spy “Since we had a solid plan up until the end of the year, we were aware of cast changes like Ben Turland and Jemma Donovan. So, it was very much the plan, and once the finale was revealed, we very well stuck to it.

“Byron, Jane’s son, is a prime illustration. He is a character that we could have used repeatedly and who would have endured throughout time. We intended to invite Vic, Jane’s ex-boyfriend, as well, and we would have had a blast doing so.


“We still have Byron and Estelle because we want to be able to see some of those faces,” said the group. “We didn’t want to lose out on seeing any of those faces turn up.”

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