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Neighbours airs Bea Nilsson’s departure scenes as Bonnie Anderson bows out


For the Kennedys, it’s the end of an age.

Some UK viewers may choose to avoid spoilers from Australian episodes of Neighbours.

Bonnie Anderson’s final scenes as Bea Nilsson in Neighbours have aired on Australian television.

Bea left Ramsay Street for new adventures in Monday’s episode on 10 Peach in Australia, but she wasn’t alone.


Bea broke up with her boyfriend Levi Canning in recent episodes on Australian screens, which are four weeks ahead of the UK.

Bea was adamant that the breakup was for the best, despite Levi’s heartbreak and belief that they could somehow work things out.

Bea agreed to go on a road trip with the new Sheila Canning after starting up a relationship with her now that she is single and looking to the future.

Before leaving, Bea exchanged heartfelt goodbyes with the Kennedys, her ex-boyfriend Ned Willis, and close friend Yashvi Rebecchi. She also wrote Levi an emotional note.


In the meantime, the new Sheila had her own problems to deal with before she left.

Since Sheila had recently given Bea some advice, the Ramsay Street Cannings blamed her for Bea’s desire to end her relationship with Levi.

After Yashvi discovered their flame, Sheila 2 had to justify her new romantic relationship with Ned. Sheila and Ned both told Yashvi that nothing more than an emotional bond had occurred between them.

Bonnie Anderson revealed her departure from Neighbours in real life in February.


Bonnie explained to the Sunday Herald Sun at the time, “Neighbours changed my life in so many ways.” I feel like joining the show at the age of 23, when I was 23, moulded me into the person I am today.

I’ve come a long way, I’ve matured, and I’m proud of the way I live my life. It was great to have that framework, and now, after 312 years on the show, I’ve decided it’s time to keep pushing myself and make more time for my music and songwriting, as well as more acting.

Sheila was played by Shareena Clanton for a guest appearance. She disclosed her experiences of racism on set after the shooting was completed, which are now being investigated.

Bea and Sheila will depart from Neighbours on June 21 on Channel 5.

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