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Neighbours addresses Hendrix death backlash


Fans of Neighbours have been devastated to learn that Mackenzie Hargreaves’ (Georgie Stone) partner, Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland), will sadly die in upcoming scenes, causing more misery for her.

Hendrix and Mackenzie’s happily ever after will be brutally cut short when the husband dies receiving a lung transplant, despite the fact that they were only recently married on screen.

Fans were outraged by the action, as they didn’t want to see such a well-known trans figure go through another tragedy.

Annie Wallace, who portrays Sally St Claire on Hollyoaks, took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the plot, writing: “Let’s make this young, beautiful trans woman’s narrative a happy one. Then we’ll assassinate her husband of only a few weeks. Once again, the ‘tragic trans’ trope rears its ugly head.”


Wallace, who was the first trans actor to play a regular trans role in a British soap opera, went on to say later: “This still irritates me. The programme is coming to a close, and Neighbours couldn’t bring itself to give them a happy ending. That is something that trans individuals are entitled to as well. Let’s have a look at that, shall we?”

Shane Isheev, the story editor for Neighbours, responded to the criticisms on Twitter, explaining that the drama always sought a happy ending for fan favourite Mack.

He explained, “This was planned before we realised the show was ending since he was losing the actor.” “And Georgie, the lovely, wanted Mack to get the full soap experience.”

“Trust me, had we persevered, we had plans for Mack to find love again and have her happily ever after,” Isheev added, comforting supporters.


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