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NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Neighbours cast members flog video messages for as little as £7.50 before soap ends


TEN Neighbours cast members are selling video greetings for as cheap as £7.50 before the Australian serial wraps.

Alan Fletcher, 64, who has played Dr Karl Kennedy for nearly 30 years, is among the most expensive, with clips costing £36 each.

Alan is also selling texts that may be used as adverts for £416.50 each via the Memmo platform.

For £179, he will also record a video that may be shared with the entire company.


Birthday and Mother’s Day cards are examples of his tailored £36 notes to followers.

He informs one of the recipients that they are a “absolute legend” for having watched Neighbours since its premiere on March 18, 1985.

Melissa Bell, 49, who plays Lucy Robinson, has the lowest videos, which cost £7.50 each.

Kym Valentine, 44, who played Dr Karl’s daughter Libby on Neighbours for years, costs £25 each video.


Fans can think of her as Kym or Libby, according to the cheerful actress, because it was “their choice.”

She gives guidance on “difficult days” in one of the clips.

“I believe it’s helpful to understand they will pass – there will be good days and horrible days… they will move on just as quickly as they came,” the mother of two remarked.

She also suggests smelling lavender, watching films, and meeting friends as part of a “be kind to yourself” routine to help you get through tough times.


Memmo, a celebrity video service, is selling the clips.

The last episode on the Ramsay Street inhabitants will air later this year on Channel 5.

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