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MOVING ON Neighbours legend Alan Fletcher swipes at ‘gruelling’ soap spin-off ‘designed to make stars cry’


Legendary actor Alan Fletcher of NEIGHBORS has criticised reality television and pledged to stay away from tawdry celebrity versions when the soap opera comes to an end next month.

After performing the part of Doctor Karl Kennedy on the Australian serial opera since 1994, the actor, 65, is looking for new projects.

But after a “trying and gruelling” time on Soapstar Superstar in 2007, he vowed never to participate in a show like Strictly Come Dancing or I’m A Celebrity again. Take Me Away From Here!

He stated, “That was an interesting experience,” when asked about finishing sixth on Soapstar Superstar.


“I got a taste of what reality TV can be like,” the participant said. “It was pretty taxing and gruelling.”

It wasn’t necessarily the best experience I’ve ever had, though. It made me a little leery. These items are intended to bring about tears in people.

The shows need “enormous willpower,” according to Alan, who shaved his head after beginning to experience symptoms of alopecia areata earlier this year.

I don’t know whether I have the resources to sustain myself through that kind of show, but I applaud individuals who do them because doing those acts takes tremendous tenacity.


It’s too difficult for me. I need to concentrate on playing music and taking on fake characters; I’ll leave reality TV to those who excel at it.

Even though his close buddy Jason Donovan had previously advanced to the finals, Alan wouldn’t even consider competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

I have two left feet, he added, adding that he had not been approached.

A terrible old actor who could not dance to save his life went on Strictly one year while I was performing in a panto.


The judges kept repeating, “We’ve got to get rid of him, but the audience just kept voting him back for the comedy, which was driving us crazy. I imagine I’d be that person.

Instead, he is optimistic that his new bald appearance would lead to additional acting opportunities.

I will definitely be able to pick up a lot of roles from that, he jokingly said, “since all of a sudden I look like Patrick Stewart.”

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