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Margot Robbie surprises cast and crew of Neighbours with special gift as production wraps on the iconic soap


Since her start on Neighbours in 2008, Margot Robbie has gone a long way.

But it appears that the actress hasn’t forgotten her humble beginnings on Ramsay Street, as she sent champagne to the cast and crew when the film’s 37-year run came to an end on Friday.

Jason Herbison, the show’s executive producer, revealed that Robbie had sent a present of expensive bubbles.

Following the conclusion of filming on the show’s final day of production, the cast raised a glass.


Alan Fletcher, April Rose Pengilly, and Emerald Chan were among the cast members who thanked Robbie for his kind gift on Instagram.

Robbie rose to prominence in the Australian soap opera Donna Freedman, where she played an aspiring fashion designer from 2008 until 2011, before moving to Hollywood.

She previously praised the show and described it as “excellent training” for her Hollywood career, admitting that she could never learn lines as quickly as she did on the soaps.

However, she recalls how rapidly she used to move through her scripts when working on the serial drama.


‘I always said things would be easy after walking off a soap,’ she remarked.

‘It was an excellent training facility.’ In the mornings, I used to sit down with 60 pages in my lap and just fly through it, reading it once. You’ve got it. I’m not sure I could do it right now.’

The Birds of Prey actress is also thankful for her stint on a soap since it taught her to be more ‘conscious’ of other departments when working on a film or television production.

‘I believe the most important thing about working on a soap and in a multi-camera setting was being so aware of every other department and working within the larger machine,’ she said.


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