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Home and Away Recap: Bridie Carter arrives in Summer Bay, but she is overshadowed by Justin’s melodramatic success

This week, the producers continue to deliver the goods.

There is another new addition, who seems to hang around longer than Heath Braxton, and Justin’s most melodramatic performance, who seems to be the next suitor to fall prey to the curse of Leah’s dead husband.

In preparation for his permanent relocation to Summer Bay to be with Tori, Dr. Christian Green aka Budget McDreamy was apparently out of the city tying up loose ends in the city.

I’m just going to ignore the fact that Colby was being treated at a hospital on Monday, which is probably Home and Away time yesterday.

Continuity isn’t a strong point in this show, but I really enjoy bringing them up on it.

Tori says, “I have always said that a full-time neurosurgeon is required for Summer Bay.”

I’ve never heard her say that, and, quite frankly, I’m shocked that in such a small town, let alone the best in the world, there’s a need for a full-time neurosurgeon.

Anyway, back to the big shift.

Budget McDreamy meets a real estate agent and asks Tori to come along, as she is going to spend a lot of time there as his girlfriend.

Maz is obviously thrilled to be babysitting and increasingly thrilled that McDreamy is so passionate about Tori.

Then we’re exposed to a new face.

She has been identified by the producers as a “mysterious woman,” but that’s hardly true of Bridie Carter, who was twice on the show as Toni Jarvis in 1995 and Brooke Taylor in 1999.


Also, as Susie McCalister, the real estate agent that will be house hunting for Budget McDreamy, she introduces herself pretty quickly.

At the diner, Maz makes Suzie a coffee and loves her nails, but I am impressed by her Ginger and Smart suit.

Susie, McDreamy and Tori talk about the house and Suzie drops words such as “child friendly,” which should be music to the ears of Tori, but she’s in one of those moods where she freaks out because it’s all going too well.

They see some houses that are uneventful, but what happens next, with John, is more eventful.

I don’t think there are too many people who don’t know my name in Summer Bay, he says, and he introduces himself to Susie.

They go for a walk, spend all day together, and then she asks him out to have dinner.

Seriously, what would she see in him? John is so old and grumpy, and one of those things she’s not.

Before Irene reveals she was really flirting with him with Susie, even John admits and claims that she’s just a history buff. But maybe that’s all because she doesn’t have to go on a pity date with him anymore.

On the living situation of Tori and Budget McDreamy, Justin weighs in next.


Why are you not moving in with us? ” Justin asks casually.

The bombshell does not sit well with Tori, who, to her own detriment, is still freaking out about the relationship.

Don’t you think it was supposed to run past me because you were asking him to move in,” she told her brother.”

If I remember correctly, there’s a self-contained Granny Flat in Tori’s backyard, where Ziggy used to live.

It really is the ideal arrangement, because Tori will banish McDreamy to the backyard when she’s sick of him.

Justin can’t usually bear talking about his sister’s love life, but he’s in a particularly compassionate mood because Ziggy just bawled her eyes out to him because he had a hard time with the breakup and what to do with Tane.


Anyway, the living situation was not solved, but the good news. Justin will not shoot Zig.

As if he really does, who else is going to work there? We already understand that there are no other mechanics, which is why they first employed Tane, who is not a mechanic.

Justin and Ziggy put their problems behind them, and Justin returns to the leadership, and Ziggy will do all the dirty work.

Yeah, so what’s the matter? And a back spasm!

Justin goes on to collapse.

The best part of this show is this ridiculously over-the-top, melodramatic stuff. Only take a glance at the painful grin on his forehead.



It’s bad news every time I end up in this position,” Justin mutters in-between outbursts of grunts as he collapses in the hospital chair waiting for the dead husband to curse him that he must be back with the tumour.”

Hilarious response from Dan Ewing to a Home And Away fan’s

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