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Home and Away recap: as true colours begin to shine, Kieran stumbles, goes straight to the bottle.











Things are starting with Ari and Makenzie, who are really happy with their love bubble. But I expect it to be short-lived, because sooner or later she will find out about armed robbery.

They bump into Bella, who fills them with Colby’s living situation, which is very bad news, because he’s going to be taken back to prison where “Dean said it wouldn’t be long before he’s finished.”

EP 7477 Ari (R.K.WILLIAMS) and Mack (E.WEIR) are in a good place HAA 0203

Dean really does have a way to say terms.

But he’s behaving like Colby is already gone, and I like it.


Bella, on the other hand, has this painful look on her face because she really likes her brother.

They bump into Bella, who fills them with Colby’s living situation, which is very bad news, because he’s going to be taken back to prison where “Dean said it wouldn’t be long before he’s finished.”

EP 7477 Bella (C.MILLER) tells Ari (R.K.WILLIAMS) and Mack (E.WEIR) shes worried for Colby HAA 0281

It turns to Dean, and he’s already on the beers. Ari and he have recently become ‘brothers’ because both of them have spent time behind bars, but because he gets a text, Ari is a little distracted.

“Oh, 24 hours, be ready.”


Must be the two gangsters who have blackmailed Tane and Ari with their incriminating pictures of stealing from the Leagues Club.

Apparently, with a lot of cash, it’s an easy bet, but if a league club, which I suppose is a rugby league club (someone please tell me if it isn’t) is anything like the ones I’ve heard of, I’m sure that after the game, there wouldn’t be that much money from the weekend to piss off because the drinks are so cheap.

As they discuss how to keep Colby safe while he’s back in jail, Dean breaks open his next beer.

“You know as well as I do that the only way to deal with it is to deal with it,” Dean says.


Like how many prison connections do these guys have?

Then the Jasmine update, and Colby’s condition is improving.

And there’s a lot of good news. Allowed hospital visitors to briefly relieve Bella’s strained facial expression.

Back to the work.

Ari has drawn out a plan, literally, and what a tidy handwriting he’s got.

There’s a knock at the entrance and Ari and Tane are flipping out. But they’re just Dean, their new pal, and Ari’s prison friend.
He’s “giving back the favour,” and he’s happily putting his hand up for armed robbery. He’s got to be really bored, so bear in mind that Ziggy, Dean’s ex, has recently joined Tane, so there’s going to be extreme tension between the boys.


Although Dean is a little frightened about the “job” and says the River Boys—the local gang from the nearby town of Reefton Lakes—would not be satisfied with another gang—the “on their turf” new gangs.

Some calls are made by Dean, but “The boys know nothing about it.”

They both assume that Mac can’t find out about it.

The front door is still open, as usual, when Dean and Ari talk about it again and Bella is in the earshot, just as Dean says “armed robbery.”

It’s a classic Home and Away move.

Immediately Bella will tell Mac about the “job” and they will sneak away to the cool room in Salt, where many secrets have been uncovered.

In the meantime, Alf tells Martha that he and Kieran have come to a “arrangement.”

As far as I can tell, it’s the same arrangement they’ve had since he rocked the very first day. We’ve got it. Kieran’s going to sit here.

So with that settled down again, Martha is doing her son a good job at the gym.

“If you give Kieran a go, I know he’s not going to let you down,” Martha says to Jasmine.

Jas doesn’t seem to be affected by Martha’s speech about second chances, even though Jas was about 100.

Back at the home of Stewart and Marilyn and Roo, and waxing lyrical about all the “strays” of the Stewarts, in which it is all a lovely homage to the tradition of fostering the children of the show.

But the talk of happy families is too much for Kieran, and he immediately apologises after dinner.

He starts fluttering through his bag, Ooh’s eerie music, and immediately pulls out a flask.

EP 7477 Kieran (R.DONALD) hides his drinking HAA 0738

He’s having a swig.

At last, Kieran shows his true colours. For anyone who doesn’t know, he confided in Roo last year and told her he’s an alcoholic, so it’s large.

It’s the next morning, and Jas is calling him, and he honestly feels he’s going to get a job at the gym.

Okay, I’m going to have to swallow my words because Jas hires him.

While she says she would “prefer someone with more fitness experience.”

Jasmine claims that Martha came by and “filled in the gaps,” but Kieran refuses to know anything about it.

He’s taking another swig out of his glass.

Hit the kids, it’s about to get really interesting.


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