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LAST HURRAH Neighbours fans break down in tears at emotional first trailer for star-studded finale


Fans of NEIGHBOURS have expressed their feelings on social media after the soap opera unveiled its finale video ahead of this week’s final episodes.

This week’s final episode of the Channel 5 soap will air later this week.

A teaser for the final programme suggests that viewers will have an emotional hour as some say goodbye and others visit the famous Ramsay Street.

Fans of the sitcom Neighbours petitioned for it to be picked up by another channel.


No one else was discovered, therefore it was decided that the soap opera would cease in the summer and that several well-known actors from earlier seasons would make one final appearance.

Fans will undoubtedly become quite emotional as Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan appear as Scott and Charlene in an old photograph at the beginning of the video, which also features a view of the iconic Ramsay Street sign.

“It unmistakably has the feel of the end of an era. Everything moves so swiftly, “The trailer says at the outset.

There are a number of reoccurring cameos as well as a string of emotional scenes as it is stated that “plenty of old faces are floating around.”


The next image shows Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue leaning alongside their automobile, taking in the scene.

“Good neighbours come together. Will they ultimately find happiness? close friends bid you farewell, “The clip shows people saying goodbye to and then returning to the street that they have all at one point called home.

We might be leaving the street, but we’re always going to be in one other’s life, one of the residents tells Susanne Kennedy in a moving scene that closes the trailer.

The teaser finishes with a shot of the street, and she responds, “Always.”


Following the release of the clip, thousands of fans flocked to Twitter to express their sorrow over the beloved soap opera’s impending demise.

A number of sad face emojis were used, and one user wrote: “This week, tissue sales will soar to new heights! A decent trailer.”

Someone else echoed their remarks, saying, “Just saw the promo for the final episode of Neighbours and started crying when Scott wrapped his arm around Charlene.”

A third person added: “An era is coming to an end, it seems. What a depressing trailer to see.”

Neighbours: On Friday, July 29 at 9 p.m. on Channel 5, a double-episode special called The Finale will premiere.

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