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Kylie Minogue shares snippet of Neighbours cameo to Instagram


Following her recent return to Neighbours, Kylie Minogue posted a brief clip from her time on set.

In her most recent Instagram post, the pop sensation shared a picture with actor Jason Donovan and a signed Ramsay Street sign.

We’re back together now, she declared.

On May 1, Minogue foreshadowed her participation in the Neighbours season finale by posting a close-up image of a script to her Instagram page. The scene is outside, and Scott and Charlene are both present, as evidenced by the details that are visible.


After the young couple’s broadcast wedding on July 1, 1987, which was watched by two million Australians, the event would provide millions of ardent Neighbours viewers with closure on how the young couple fared.

When it was broadcast in the UK a year later and attracted 19.6 million people, their coupling was an even bigger appeal.

The characters left Erinsborough and relocated to Brisbane after getting married.

Both Minogue and Donovan, who were dating at the time and were well-known figures in both nations, later had successful music careers in the UK.


The show saw Minogue, who left Neighbours in June 1988, become the youngest person to ever get a Gold Logie and the first person to win four Logie Awards in a single year.

The latest post from Kylie has been met with joy by her followers.

One said, “So excited to watch this.”

“I’m so delighted you returned! It wouldn’t have been a fitting conclusion.


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