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Neighbours’ Clive Gibbons struggles to win back Jane Harris after secret reveal


Next week’s episode of Neighbours will feature Clive Gibbons still in hot water, and it appears like he will have his job cut out for him trying to claw his way out.

Clive has been hiding something from Jane for a while, and when he finally revealed it to Byron as a result of his nosiness, he did not come across well. Clive had been engaged with a patient in the past who stayed in his life after making an investment in the hospital.

As if that weren’t awful enough, she made another proposal to Clive, and while he didn’t accept it, he also didn’t firmly reject it either. Jane was horrified to think that he might have been inclined to desert her.

When Clive visits Jane the following week, he makes an effort to win her back, but instead of improving matters, his arguments with Byron cause Jane to eject him.


Clive tries again later in the week since he doesn’t want to give up on Jane, and this time, they do manage to have a reasonable chat, though it does not go quite as Clive had anticipated.

After learning about Byron’s side job as an escort, which has caused issues between them, Jane acknowledges that she is unsure that they can get past what happened and that she already has enough stress to deal with.

Jane makes it plain that their relationship is ended and that they should go their separate ways, despite Clive’s insistence that they can resolve their differences and return to their original location.

Now it appears that Clive and Jane’s journey has come to an end.


Jane’s first true love is going to make a comeback to Ramsay Street, so if Clive does decide to try and win her back, he might need to come up with a plan quickly.

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