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Kidnapping, shock attack and a departure: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


Tane (Ethan Browne) is guarded this week on Home and Away because he worries about his family’s safety after receiving an anonymous threat. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who are unable to influence him, are aware of his actions. They try to reach him one morning, but his phone keeps ringing. Tane is being crammed into the back of a van while wearing a sack over his head in the meantime.

While treating a casualty at a road accident, Xander’s (Luke Van Os) emotional baggage is also coming to a head elsewhere. He finds it repulsive how a

The scenario is already bad due to the drunk driver’s damage, but it gets worse when the victim dies. Both Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who are present on the scene, are shocked to see Xander hurling himself at the driver in a fit of wrath.

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, August 22.


Tane gets seized by the biker gang against his will.

After receiving a threat from an unknown source, Tane becomes tense, and he instantly exhibits weird and cagey behaviour. He warns Nikau and Felicity to lock up anytime they enter or leave the house because there has been a break-in nearby. In the meantime, he makes covert plans to meet the motorcyclists and travels to the agreed-upon spot. But shortly after he gets there, a van pulls up, and he is instructed to place a sack over his head before being shoved inside and driven away.

After a mishap, Xander lashes out at a drunk driver.

When Rose and Cash arrive at the scene of a car collision, she is horrified to witness Xander giving CPR to the injured cyclist. The situation for the rider is not favourable, and the motorist smells strongly of alcohol. Finally, Xander’s coworker announces that they will have to declare the cyclist dead. The news doesn’t sit well with Xander, and he leaps to his feet and charges the intoxicated driver, yelling at him for causing a fatality. The lack of professionalism displayed by Xander surprises Cash and Rose.


Chloe and Theo’s lovely evening is interrupted by Nikau
Nikau realises he must always keep Chloe safe after learning about his uncle’s issues with the biker gang. He starts acting in ways that Chloe and Theo find odd, such asking if Chloe will be alone and where she’ll be. The issue worsens in the evening when Nikau, an unexpected visitor, interrupts Chloe and Theo’s romantic night in. The two express a desire for solitude, but it quickly becomes clear that Nikau won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Alf says he may have to leave Summer Bay.

After spending time with Martha in Merimbula, Alf returns to the Bay, but he is in a nasty mood, and no one knows why. The most perplexed person is Roo, who phones her mother for explanation. Following an unexpected encounter, Roo requests to meet Alf in the Diner and claims to know what is going on—Martha is reluctant to go back to the Bay, leaving Alf with a difficult decision. Will he leave his life behind and move to the Bay to be with her, or will he stay and just occasionally see his wife?

Bob’s ego poses a threat to the band’s survival.
Lyrik uses the chance to pitch Mackenzie on the notion of the band playing a regular, paid gig in Salt every two weeks while she is back in the Bay to see Felicity. Except Bob, who claims they are beyond playing pub shows in little towns, everyone is intrigued. Remi, Eden, and Kirby concur that the concerts would be a terrific opportunity to earn a stable income, which quickly causes tensions to flare up. Kirby is forced to choose between her lover and her friends because Bob flat-out won’t even consider the possibility.


Mackenzie is urged to start dating again by Ziggy, but is she ready?
Since Logan departed the Bay, Mackenzie has been alone, so when Dean says one of his surf students requested for Mack’s contact, Ziggy seizes the opportunity to help her pal get back into the dating scene. Dean believes it’s a mistake, but Ziggy couldn’t be more opposed. She starts making crude remarks to her friend about livening it up, and eventually Mackenzie asks what’s going on. Dean and Ziggy tell that Todd, a man who owns a business, has expressed interest in her. But is Mackenzie prepared to embark on a new romance?

Theo thinks about his future and is jealous of the band.
Theo quickly becomes aware of the instruments that are scattered about the Parata home after Lyrik returned to the Bay and took control of it while he was hanging out with Chloe. He says he always wanted to be in a band and can’t help but daydream about his youth. His stern father immediately curbed his impulses, though. Theo always appears content when he is playing the guitar, according to Chloe. Maybe he ought to investigate it once more?

Kirby is heartbroken after Bob departs, but who will take his place?

After Kirby’s egotistical lead singer insists they won’t be doing the Salt shows, Eden and Remi leave to speak with Bob. They trust Kirby to convince her partner, but Bob has had enough and advises the two of them to go it alone. Bob suggests that perhaps it’s time for him to depart, and Kirby continues to be a friend to her pals. When Eden and Remi return to the house later, they are shocked to see Bob rushing for the vehicle while Kirby begs him not to go. But as he speeds off, the group sees him vanish into the horizon. What will they do if the lead singer is absent?

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