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Home and Away: Tane looks set for prison after abducting Maia


When Tane snatched baby Maia from hospital in Home And Away and fled Summer Bay, he was just trying to keep her safe, but part of him knew it wouldn’t end well.

And when he found himself the centre of a nationwide search, he knew it was time to turn himself in.

It’s the right thing to do, Tane (Ethan Browne) admits, but things aren’t looking good. Now under arrest and awaiting trial, he knows his decision will have major consequences.

“He’s facing prison time for sure,” Ethan, 32, tells TV WEEK.


And even worse, Tane feels he’s failed Maia – the infant he found abandoned in a sports bag in the dunes in the Bay – who might end up in the government-care system he fought so hard to save her from.

Just as devastated is Dana (Ally Harris), the nurse who let Tane into the hospital to see baby Maia the night he decided to take off with her.

Logically, she knows she’s not to blame for Tane’s rash actions, but she can’t help but feel guilty.

“She’s reasonable enough to know she couldn’t have predicted this,” Ally says. “But it’s a simple case of were he not there with her, he couldn’t have taken her.”


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