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Izzy confession, Amy’s love bombshell, and Paul to lose Lassiters: 6 huge Neighbours spoilers


The penultimate week of Neighbours is here, and there is a tonne of drama to be had.

The majority of stuff is naturally centred around Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaite), which despairs our beloved Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne).

Susan is certain that Izzy is returning with a secret goal in mind. Izzy surprises them with a major confession as she tries to figure out what is going on. Can the family get through this most recent crisis?

When Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) finally admits her love for Toadie (Ryan Moloney), he is in the midst of a crisis. How will he react to this startling information?


When Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien), an old friend of Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), delivers a bombshell, Paul may be forced to sell him his entire share of Lassiters. Is Paul’s position as the ruler of his hotel about to be overthrown?

The crucial choice to sell No. 24 is made by Chloe (April Rose Pengilly). What will her crew do?

And when Jane (Annie Jones) thinks it’s all gotten too much, she breaks up with Clive (Geoff Paine).

What’s coming up on Neighbours’ second-to-last episode is listed below.


Susan’s demise caused by Izzy’s admission?

Susan has good reason to be wary of Izzy. Surely she has a secret agenda when she starts dating her ex’s son? Things start to make sense when Izzy confronts Karl with a startling request; she wants to fulfil a wish for Mal and asks Karl to take action on her behalf.

He is now faced with an impasse. Susan is appalled to find that Izzy is coercing her and Karl by using Holly as a motivational tool.

The scenario that Susan and Karl are left in is unpleasant, and Susan ultimately feels defeated. The four go out to breakfast to discuss things, and Izzy is as surprising as ever. Susan is pushed even closer to the ledge when she drops another corker. Is Susan going to lose it?

Toadie’s wedding is ruined by Amy’s confession of love?

As the wedding nears, Amy chooses to put her sentiments aside and bury them despite Zara’s constant complaining about the circumstance. Though she has good intentions, it is not an easy task, and as she holds her tongue, the strain increases. She is then requested to make Melanie’s wedding dress, which is her worst fear come true. She goes to Harold for assistance as she is on the verge of breaking. While this is going on, Toadie and Mel are aware that something is wrong but are unsure of what.


It becomes too much for Amy as they continue to press, and she finally cracks and spills the beans. Completely caught off guard, Toadie withdraws from Amy out of disbelief. He avoids her, and things become awkward. The pair asks Amy how this happened, but Amy declines to explain and believes they need some distance. Will she relocate to Erinsborough, or will Toadie cancel his nuptials?

Paul Robinson will suffer a loss Shane, Lassiters to?

For years, Paul Robinson has clung to Lassiters, but now he’s in danger of losing it. It appears that Paul might be on track to preserve his cherished company when his old friend Shane shows up. After learning the truth about Paul’s antics from Tim Collins, Shane withdraws his offer of a partnership, which puts a damper on the situation. Paul is devastated since it appears he may now have to sell everything to Shane. But just when he loses hope, a brand-new chance appears out of nowhere. Is Lassiters actually still alive?

Will Nic and Kiri do something, or not?

Nicolette is attempting to be calm, but she has reached the extreme end of the barometer as these two continue to play games with one another. Kiri plans a romantic excursion to River Bend to try to rekindle their magic since he still wants her. Will Nicolette wreck everything if she continues to be extremely anxious and ignorant of how to navigate it?

Jane rejects Clive

Jane has been a saint in tolerating Clive’s recent disclosures on his relationship to Danielle, one of Byron’s gigolo clients. The stress of Byron’s unemployment pushes Jane to her breaking point, despite Clive’s best efforts to win her back. She informs Clive that she has reached her breaking point and that they cannot be saved. That appears to be the end of this partnership.

Chloe chooses to market No. 24

For number 24, it’s the end of an era. After returning from her trip, Chloe informs her housemates that she would be selling the property. But as soon as she announces her choice, a well-known figure shows up in town. Why is this person returning, and what do they want with Chloe? There is some mystery at play here. When the house is put on the market, a buyer is found rather quickly. But something about this person’s motivation for purchasing the home appears strange. The mystery deepens.

These sequences will be shown on Monday, July 18 at 1:45 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Channel 5.


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