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‘It’s just such a family’: Emotional Margot Robbie holds back tears as she receives a sweet video message from Neighbours co-stars Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne


She became well-known from the enduring Australian soap show Neighbours.

Additionally, this week saw an emotional virtual reunion between Margot Robbie and her former co-stars Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher.

The pair complimented the 32-year-old actress on her Hollywood success while also assuring her that there would always be a place for her back on set. The actress had to fight back tears during the tender moment.

Diego Calva, a co-star of Margot’s in Babylon, and presenter Dev Griffin appeared on Heart FM to talk about their recent Hollywood production.


A special greeting from her former co-stars was also presented to the blonde beauty; Alan graciously shared that he and Jackie will be “first in line” to see her new film.

She was also informed by the actor, who plays Karl Kennedy in the serial opera, that she will always have a spot on Neighbours.

Alan started out by saying, “Now, we just wanted to remind you, the Kennedy House does have a lot of bedrooms.”

It’s big, so if anything ever goes wrong for you out there, don’t worry, just return home,’ Jackie, his on-screen wife, concurred. We’ll create space.


Of course. We really do love you,” Alan said in a lovely way.

Margot expressed her shock by the video message by saying, “I honestly could cry.”

“They are” I mean, whether you’re Australian or British, iconic, iconic, you know, they’re like two of the most like, legendary characters on the TV show called “Neighbours” in Australia. Anyways…’

I don’t know how to, like, describe how emotional that is, she continued. But the fact is that I truly spent three hours at Jackie’s house learning how to roast a chicken and prepare my own meals.


And Fletch would actually teach me how to organise my accounts, and Toadie showed me how to file my taxes. And, as you well know, when you’re together like that, it’s like a family. So, thank you for doing that; it’s very lovely.

When she left Neighbours in 2011, Margot continued, “I originally wanted to be killed off of Neighbours.”

In addition, she commented, “Do you know what, when I was finishing on Neighbours I said, “Can you guys kill me off in a big dramatic death?””

They responded, “No, no, no, just in case you need to come back on the programme, we’ll keep your character alive so you can return if you need to, if it doesn’t work out in America.” I replied, “Thank you, but I’m going to make it!” ‘

Make it she did, as the actress gained notoriety costarring with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013’s Wolf Of Wall Street before appearing in a number of big parts.

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