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Inside Home and Away stars James Stewart and Sarah Roberts’ split: ‘Bruised and wounded’


Sarah Roberts, a former cast member of Home and Away, announced on social media that she and her husband, James Stewart, had broken up, saying that they had grown apart.

The 39-year-old actress and DJ announced that their five-year marriage had ended in an interview with Stellar magazine, saying, “I just want to say that I am divorced.”

Sarah disclosed that it was “okay” for the couple to have drifted apart. It’s acceptable for people to grow apart at times… I eventually understood that I couldn’t develop in this specific relationship the way I wanted to,” the woman remarked.

According to a source who spoke to Now To Love, the couple had a slew of “complex” issues that developed, leaving them “bruised and wounded” when things didn’t work out.


“Their relationship problems were just too complex, and in the end, the love died and both, bruised and wounded, decided to go their separate ways,” according to an insider.

They continued by saying that although Sarah made an effort to make things work for James’ daughter Scout, it was not meant to be. Sarah wanted to pursue her career abroad.

The insider stated of James’ daughter Scout with his ex-partner Jessica Marais, “Sarah had always had huge dreams of wanting to venture abroad and take her career to the US and James wasn’t a fan – his first priority is all about Scout.”

The insider also added that Sarah “lost” herself in the partnership, drawing comparisons to James and Jessica.


According to the source, James has faced personal challenges that are comparable to those he faced with his ex-partner Jess Marais. He attempted to address them at the time, but regrettably, the troubles persisted.

Sarah admitted to Stellar that her first fear was “stigma and shame” when she announced the split.

I stayed hidden for a very long period. There were moments when I thought I would never see the light or a way past these intense, multifaceted feelings. However, I think that by just being honest with myself today, I might be able to free a lot of other people to be able to speak their truths as well,” she remarked.

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