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Home and Away spoilers: WHAT causes Valerie to SPIRAL?


Is Matt Evans’ character, Theo Poulos, on Home and Away beginning to develop a deep romantic interest in Courtney Clarke’s character, Valerie Beaumont? (6:30 p.m.; listings are in our TV Guide)

Theo and Valerie return to bed together at the Morgan residence following yet another exciting night of partying.

Theo confesses to Valerie that he believes he is falling in love with her in the heat of the moment!

However, he doesn’t quite get the response he was expecting…


Valerie gets ready to leave the house and leaps out of bed rather than accepting the compliment!

Theo is outside, trying to discover what is causing Valerie’s unexpected decline.

Valerie takes out a couple of tablets and coerces Theo into taking one with her as she is about to have a complete breakdown.

Is their pill-popping at the party getting out of hand?


Roo Stewart, played by Georgia Parker, confides in her father Alf, played by Ray Meagher, that she might take in Maia, an abandoned infant, as an emergency foster care.

The predicament reminds Roo painfully of the times she put her own daughter, Martha MacKenzie (played by Jodi Gordon, from Neighbours), up for adoption.

What would happen if Roo became overly connected to Maia and had to let her go when the baby’s mother revealed herself?

As for Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), she gets an idea for a unique fundraising night at Salt after learning about Roo’s plans.


She has already witnessed the kindness of the gifts that the neighbourhood has given Maia.

To get everything going, though, she first needs bartender Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os)’s assistance!

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