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Huge EastEnders spoilers for next week as Theo confronts Stacey while Lily, 12, goes into labour


A tumultuous week is expected for EastEnders as Albert Square continues to be shaken by Cindy Beale’s shocking arrival.

Multiple storylines in the BBC serial will come to a climax when Lily, 12, gives birth and Theo’s nefarious plan with Stacey is finally revealed. While Cindy works to make right with the family she abandoned, Ian and Cindy Beale prepare their next course of action in Walford.

Bobby Beale will witness the heated scenes in which Freddie Slater’s secret encounter with Anna Knight is revealed as he learns that his friend betrayed him. Here is a list of the most shocking scenes that will air on EastEnders the next week.

Theo yells at Stacey.
Theo is excited about his new work opportunity and is determined to advance his relationship with Stacey. While trying to warn Stacey before it’s too late, Martin and Eve are horrified to discover that Theo is actually her stalker.


Lily is receiving care from Stacey at the Slater residence because she is not feeling well. Theo decides it’s time to come clean and confront Stacey before hiding her phone, so he takes advantage of the situation to intercept Martin’s warning to her.

Just as Lily’s waters burst and she goes into labour, Stacey, who is now terrified, tries to shoo the former tutor out of her house. Jean finds the 12-year-old about to give birth and is horrified.

While Jean and Stacey are ready to assist Lily in giving birth at home, the ambulance for her is put on hold. Stacey is startled to find an angry Theo inside the house as she goes to the kitchen to get some towels.

While an unaware Jean tries to work to support Lily, Stacey is still stranded in the kitchen.


Freddie battles his guilt.
Freddie feels terrible about his one-night fling with Anna, who is seeing Bobby Beale. Alfie, who Freddie confides in, persuades him to keep it a secret for Bobby’s sake.

How long before Bobby learns the truth?

Gina and Anna won’t pardon Cindy
At The Vic, Cindy makes an effort to make things right with her daughters, but Gina makes fun of her. After that, Ian reassures Cindy and promises her a new business to win Gina and Anna over.

Ian invites Suki and Nish to lunch in an effort to launch a new business, but things don’t go as planned. Ian invites Nish to the café for a sampler meal in an effort to advance his business arrangement with him. Without a strategy, Ian asks Alfie for assistance.


Ian and Alfie have a heart-to-heart about Ian’s current insecurities and Bobby and Anna’s developing connection when Nish rearranges. Alfie is forced to confess Freddie and Anna’s romp as a result, but he makes Ian promise to silence.

The Beales attempt to put things right
Peter makes an unsuccessful attempt to convince Ian to make amends with Kathy. In a moment of inspiration, Ian decides to try to convince Nish to invest by inviting him over to his place for lunch.

Gina and Anna, his half-siblings, are surprised to hear that Peter was unaware of their existence until lately and Peter tries to make peace with them. Peter also tries to settle the conflict between Bobby and Anna, which causes Freddie to leave the Queen Vic quickly.

When Nish, a potential business partner, insults Ian when he arrives at The Vic, Ian lashes out and admits that Freddie and Anna had an affair in front of Bobby and Cindy.

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