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How Neighbours ends: Everything you need to know about the finale


Lots of nostalgia, a final wedding, and returning characters! – by Erin Christie

Several months have passed since the devastating Neighbours cancellation was announced, and we are now simply waiting for the poignant last episodes to appear.

Numerous rumours and rumours have been spread about Neighbours’ conclusion.

Ramsay Street being blown up was one crazy thought, but we think that one is probably a little bit unrealistic.


However, a large number of recurring characters have been confirmed, and Fremantle Media producers have started to provide us with some information about the storylines we might be able to anticipate.

What is known about the Neighbours finale is listed below.

Neighbours is ending; why?

When UK broadcaster Channel 5 declared they would no longer be airing the serial, it was announced earlier this year that the show would be coming to an end.


Despite being produced and filmed locally, the show’s primary financial supporter was the British network, which meant Fremantle would be unable to continue producing it.

After almost 9000 episodes and 37 years on the air, the show was compelled to terminate since it was unable to find a successor partner.

Who will play the lead in the Neighbours swan song?

Both former and current cast members have flocked to the celebration of the final episodes; the entire final week of episodes is loaded with fan favourites.


Izzy Hoyland will once again be played by Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Shane Ramsay will be played by Peter O’Brien, Lucy Robinson by Melissa Bell, Paige Smith by Olympia Valance, and Martha Mackenzie by Jodi Gordon, to mention a few.

The two actors who will reprise their roles as Charlene and Scott, one of Neighbours’ most well-known couples, are Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

Recently, Kylie posted some photos from the set in which she and Jason took a selfie with the remark, “Now we’re back together.”

There are rumours that additional cast members may make brief appearances in the last scene, in which a large group of former characters will stylishly bid farewell to Ramsay Street.

What narratives might we anticipate for the last week?

It appears like Terese Willis and Paul Robinson may reconcile, according to people who have been following Neighbours’ more recent plots.


We’ve been teased that they’ll be “thrown into each other’s orbits again” as they prepare to leave Ramsay Street.

In addition, it appears that Toadie will walk down the aisle for a fourth time after proposing to Melanie Pearson recently.

After losing his first three marriages in a variety of tragic scenarios, let’s hope Toadie finally experiences some love luck.

When will the last instalment air?

The last week of Neighbours begins on Monday, July 25. The guest stars will return for the final four nights, and the finale will air on Thursday, July 28.

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