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Home and Away’s Ziggy finds out she’s pregnant – but will she go through with it?


When Ziggy makes her pregnancy known this week, Summer Bay will get a new resident in tow. However, the good news has a price: her surfing career. Is she prepared to let go of that?
Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who is still in shock following a positive pregnancy test, tries to keep the news from Dean (Patrick O’Connor), her lover, in the episode of Home and Away.
After opting to pursue her pro-surfing goals, Ziggy recently received a sponsorship offer. She is unsure of what to do.

Ziggy suggests she wants to give up her ambition when Dean begins to talk about her promising future, and before he can finish speaking, she exclaims, “I’m pregnant!”

Although Ziggy appears to be conflicted, Dean is delighted by the news.

The situation is really unclear, Sophie, 30, tells TV WEEK. “Many women experience this and feel as though they must make a decision, especially those who play professional sports.


They don’t necessarily go together all the time. She received everything she desired. Her fantasy is to surf.

Ziggy’s predicament wasn’t just brought on by time; having kids wasn’t always in the cards for her.

She says that her experience with her ex-husband Brody (Jackson Heywood), who is already a parent to Jai (River Jarvis), persuaded her otherwise as Dean (also a father) listens.

She desired a family when she was with Brody, but after discovering his infidelity, he convinced her otherwise. Later, when she started dating Dean, she made the decision she didn’t want kids.


She is caught between pursuing the ambition she currently has and the one she has always had.

What choice will she make?

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