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Home and Away’s Xavier star now – ‘left for dead’ in motorcycle smash to co-star dad



The cast of Home and Away is not simply a group of coworkers; as any ardent Summer Bay fan would know, they are a family.
The cast of the enduring soap opera always manages to giggle while working on set on Sydney’s picturesque northern beaches, which serves as the real-life inspiration for the fictional Summer Bay, even if it’s all business while the cameras are rolling.
A brief check at Georgie Parker’s Instagram will demonstrate that her cast mates and crew are not just her coworkers but also her closest friends.

We explore into the star’s life, including his famous mother and co-star father.

renowned parents


Since both of David’s parents work as actors, he is not the only performer in his family. Even his father Danny Roberts made an appearance in Home and Away with his kid.


In 1997, Danny played Tony O’Rourke, Alisa Stewart’s younger brother. From 2011 to 2012, Danny played Dennis Harling. In 2015, he finally made an appearance as Gavin Cooper.

His most persistent figure When Dennis first came, Harvey Ryan and he were at odds over the development of Summer Bay. Dennis also hired Indigo as a modelling intern.

Danny has also appeared in a variety of films, including Sons and Daughters and Mission Impossible 2.

When he arrived in the USA, he wed fellow actor Lindsay Neil. The couple finally gave birth to David and his sister Alania.


Almost fatal experience

David was involved in a horrific collision in Los Angeles in 2018 when his motorcycle collided with a car.

After wrapping up iZombie filming, the actor was travelling home when a car allegedly veered out onto the road, causing David to crash into the passenger side.

A firefighter on the scene informed him, “You should be dead.”


“I tried to get past him, but I hit the back passenger’s side of the car and went flying,” the actor acknowledged to New Idea at the time.

He ripped the quadriceps tendon in his left leg, a horrifying leg injury that necessitated multiple major surgeries to restore movement.

I had no control over my ability to bend or lift the leg, David admitted. I had to get surgery right away or risk losing the ability to walk.

Then he added, “But I’m still here. It might have been more worse.

failed interviews

Since leaving Summer Bay, David has been cast in everything from iZombie to Cassidy Way and has also taken on the job of producer on the now in pre-production film Swipe Right.


His professional journey hasn’t always been easy, though; before to being cast as Xavier, he initially tried out for a number of other roles in Home and Away.

He auditioned for the roles of Geoff Campbell, Henry Hunter, Lucas Holden, and Drew Curtis but was turned down for each of them. Eventually, he was out surfing when his agency called to tell him the wonderful news about Xavier.

In addition to surfing, he is an avid gymnast and a Newtown High School of the Performing Arts graduate.

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