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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos to consider quitting Lyrik


As he strives to stop using narcotics, Theo must make a difficult decision.

For Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away, which some UK viewers might prefer to avoid, spoilers are included.

This week, Theo Poulos of Home and Away will have to make a difficult decision as he contemplates leaving his cherished band Lyrik.

Theo just started seeing Valerie Beaumont, a newbie. However, things took a bad turn when Valerie introduced her partner to narcotics, which made Theo dependent on Valerie’s medicines and sent him on a terrible path.


After Valerie left, Theo has now begun to take action to put his life back on track for his Australian followers. Yet according to TV Week, Theo will encounter a setback in his recuperation in scenes that will premiere in Australia this week and in the UK at the beginning of June.

Theo has sought professional assistance for his addiction to narcotics after finding it tough to quit.

Theo acknowledges that something may have to give when his psychotherapist recommends that reducing his life would help him feel less burdened. But he must decide which is more important to sacrifice: his job, his education, or his standing with Lyrik?

When Theo thinks that perhaps the music needs to go, his aunt Leah Patterson and uncle Justin Morgan are taken aback, but they also realise that Theo is currently unable to perceive any other options.


Is Lyrik’s career coming to an end, or will the group be able to find another musician to replace Theo? And is there any chance Theo will be able to resist reaching for the microphone?

Theo’s actor, Matt Evans, is also a musician. He just hinted at a new song that addresses the challenges he has had over the years breaking into relationships.

In addition, he has been asking his Instagram followers for dating advice. He recently acknowledged that he has “always struggled with commitment issues in relationships” and expressed doubt about whether a prospective new partner would be a suitable fit for him.

“What do you think if they reply to you in three or four business days? Isn’t that a bit too lengthy? He stated.


“Like you can take a few hours or something because you’ve been busy but like three to four business days, I don’t know about that.”

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