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Home and Away’s Tane Parata prepares for jail in emotional scenes


One week after being arrested for the kidnapping of baby Maia, Tane Parata of Home and Away begins to lose hope for his future.

Tane gives himself over to the authorities and gives Maia back, concluding that a harsh prison term is imminent.

Recently, the gym owner absconded from Summer Bay with Maia, refusing to acknowledge that emergency foster caregivers were receiving her. Maia’s mother has since shown up at the police station to retrieve her daughter.

In this week’s episodes, Tane asks his buddy and flatmate, Mali Hudson, to get his passport back so he and Maia may leave the country, which escalates the issue.


Harper Matheson is brought to see Tane by Mali, who has different plans. Together, they persuade him to return Maia to the Bay and act morally.

Next week’s scenes will show Tane being detained at the police station following his arrest.

Harper makes Tane’s case known to police officer Rose Delaney while she waits for an answer at the station. Harper is informed by Rose, who is not impressed, that she and Mali may be charged for seeing Tane while he was fugitive.

Rose issues a similar warning to her lover Mali, telling him that the moment he learned where Tane was hiding with the baby, he ought to have called the police.


Mali criticizes Rose for her lack of devotion to their friend Tane, who is still waiting alone in a cell at the station, and he won’t admit that he did anything wrong.

Rose finds it frustrating that she is unable to contact Mali. Concerned about the strain on their relationship, she says that if her employer at the police station decides to file charges against him and Harper, she won’t be able to assist.

Tane appears in court later and is given bail. He obstinately labels this little triumph as “pointless,” nevertheless, given that he will shortly be going to jail.

Harper is informed by Mali that in order to prevent things from getting worse, they must convince Tane to take up arms.


Tane tells Harper that they won’t give up on him, but Harper says they might as well accept that he’s going to jail. Is Tane heading out of the Bay?

These scenes from Home and Away will air on Monday, June 3.

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