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Home and Away’s Nikau Parata faces a new romantic dilemma


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week on UK television, Nikau Parata from Home and Away must make an unusual choice regarding his love life.

Stacey Collingwood, a newbie to Summer Bay, asks Nikau out after flirting with him. Nikau is taken aback.

Recently, viewers have watched Stacey begin dating Nikau’s friend Xander Delaney.


In upcoming episodes of Channel 5, Stacey admits to Xander that she loves to date multiple men at once rather than being in monogamous partnerships.

Although first surprised by this, Xander assures Stacey that he can accept her decisions because he still wants to see her.

Stacey worries that Xander is growing too attached as they spend more time together.

When Stacey declines his invitation to go out for lunch because she has a date with someone else, Xander is even more disappointed.


Later, Stacey becomes close with Nikau, and the two of them engage in lighthearted conversation.


Nikau is shocked when Stacey unexpectedly invites him out because he knows that she is dating Xander.

The Bay’s paramedic is worried as a puzzled Nikau goes directly to Xander to explain what happened. Even while Xander is certain that Stacey has done nothing wrong, he worries that her most recent choice of man might be too personal.

Nikau is perplexed by Xander’s explanation of everything and is pleased that he is giving non-monogamy a shot.


Shortly after, Xander is furious to see Stacey flirting with Nikau once more at the beach. It is obvious that Xander is not at all handling the situation well.

Nikau quickly puts Xander’s mind at ease by admitting that he has chosen to reject Stacey, despite the fact that Xander feels it’s only a matter of time until he finds himself vying with Nikau for Stacey’s attention.

Xander is ecstatic, but he privately admits that he’s not as at ease with Stacey’s dating strategy as he has been making out.

Xander makes a commitment to Stacey that he will only date her when they next meet.

When Stacey accuses Xander of guilt-tripping her into an exclusive relationship as a result of this revelation, it backfires. Are they about to crash against some rocks?

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