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Home and Away’s newest addition Juliet Godwin dishes on her first day nerves as she was “thrown in the deep end”


After Dr. Bree Cameron, played by Juliet Godwin, saved the life of Cash, one of the town’s most adored cops, viewers of Home and Away were met by a brand-new face in Summer Bay this week.
The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies asked Juliet about the harrowing episode, in which she said she was “thrown into the deep end.”

She said, “It was all a little ridiculous.
The Bay’s newest cast member informed the morning show that her first nerves were swiftly allayed by her fellow performers, despite the commotion.
“I was a little bit anxious, but as soon as I entered, everyone was so hospitable and gracious that my anxiety kind of subsided. Everything seemed very unreal; I cried out, “Pinch me, I’m here.””

The actress also discussed her past as a model in South Africa.
I went over there seeking an adventure, which I most definitely had, but I’m an Australian, she added.
The actor, who was born in Zimbabwe and reared in Perth, Western Australia, previously talked to TV WEEK about her move to the Bay and how she got involved in the show.

“After reading Bree’s character description and receiving the audition request from my agency, I was incredibly eager to record my audition. I had the good fortune to be selected for the job after being called back for a second round of auditions “She spoke.
Bree is a skilled surfer in addition to being a medical prodigy, something Juliet can connect to in her own life.


“Given that my spouse enjoys surfing a lot, I’ve recently started taking up the sport myself. Therefore, it has been wonderful to swim as Bree “explained the actress.

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