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Home and Away’s Matt Evans teases ‘big consequences’ as Theo makes major Ava decision


Exclusive: Home and Away actor Matt Evans hinted that his character will face “big consequences.” When Theo discovers Ava is his stalker, he takes a significant choice.

Theo Poulos’ stalker Ava Gilbert has been discovered by Home and Away actor Matt Evans, and there are significant repercussions that will follow.

The 26-year-old actor, who made his acting debut in 2021 as Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew, has quickly established himself as a fan favourite.

But in the episode that aired on Tuesday (April 25), the endearing figure was shocked to learn that Justin Morgan’s (James Stewart) 16-year-old daughter developed a crush on him.


Exclusively speaking to Daily Star about Theo’s realisation, Matt said: “It was a huge shock to him. However, he seems to be acting fairly sensibly about it and wants to approach telling Justin in the appropriate way.

Theo thinks about moving out next week on the Channel 5 soap opera since he feels so uncomfortable around the teen who is infatuated.

Theo turns to his girlfriend Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) and begs if he may move in with her when Ava accuses him of leading her on.

Since Ava’s return, Justin and Leah’s relationship has been strained as they both try to deal with her actions.


Matt exclusively revealed to Daily Star more about the rift forming: “Theo just pulls himself away from the situation. Because they have both done so much for him, he first doesn’t really want to because he doesn’t want to leave.

He ultimately decides to go and live with Kirby so they can handle it. The drama continues after he simply removes himself from the issue.

While Matt insisted that this important choice has no bearing on his relationship with Kirby, he implied that it will have a significant impact on Ava.

“After he moves out, there are some significant repercussions. It causes a significant disruption, and when someone is upset that he has moved out, it worsens the situation, he continued.


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