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Home And Away beauty ‘fell in love on soap’ and ‘didn’t have to fake’ love scenes


Beauty at Home and Away Sophie Dillman has acknowledged that when she fell in love with her Summer Bay co-star Patrick O’Connor, she didn’t have to pretend to be in love.

In the Australian series, the actress’s character Ziggy was romantically involved with Dean, and as the soap stars shot sultry scenes, passions began to flare. Sophie wondered if her feelings for Patrick were real or if their romantic on-screen relationship had just transferred into real life.

However, she revealed in a Yahoo Lifestyle Australia post that she experienced “butterflies” during the filming of kissing scenes and realised she was actually falling in love. Before landing parts together in Summer Bay, Sophie noted that their friendship was a slow burner.

The actress, who starred in Home and Away from 2017 to 2023, claimed that “slowly sparks started firing and the laughter got louder, and also more intimate.” “Dean, Sophie, and Patrick were also falling, along with Ziggy.


“I wondered for a while if I truly felt something for him or if it was merely our characters’ intense passion for one another. Then I started to doubt everything. Did he hold my hand for longer than usual? Did he just give me a strange look? Did I look at that too long? Were we simply portraying Diggy’s romance so well?”

Later on, Sophie acknowledged that she was in love with Patrick. She described the moment as follows: “I remember the exact moment that it stopped feeling like I was kissing a colleague, and even with the people watching and the sweat dripping down my back, there were a few butterflies in my stomach.”

In heartbreaking scenes, Ziggy and Dean ended their romance since it wasn’t meant to last. However, Sophie and Patrick are still going strong in real life.

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