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Home and Away’s Matt Evans seeks romantic advice from fans


The star of Home and Away, Matt Evans, has asked viewers for romantic tips in an effort to strengthen his relationships.

The actor, who portrays Theo Poulos on the Australian soap opera, has previously opened up about his dating struggles, saying in 2022 that he finds it hard to “fall in love very easily.”

Even though he had already acknowledged it, Matt used Instagram to solicit advice from his fans in order to get clarification on a possible partner.

“All right, so let me get some advice,” he said. “I’ve always had trouble committing to relationships. This brings me to my question regarding relationships, correct? What do you think if they reply to you after three or four business days? Isn’t that a bit too long?


“I don’t know about three to four business days, but you’ve been busy, so you can take a few hours or whatever. I had the impression that there might be more going on, or that they are simply too gracious to deny the feeling. I’m not sure if it’s too long.

The general view in the comment section seems to be that Evans was wasting his time; co-star Jessica Redmayne said, “Get rid of them, they’re just playing games.” The actress who plays Ziggy Astoni, Sophie Dillman, added, “CUTHER,” to her remarks.

Evans had just dropped his first single, “Sold,” in which he talked about how hard it was for him to get into relationships when his “heart wasn’t ready.”

“I’ve always seen commitment concerns as an indication that something isn’t right, or more crucially, that I don’t feel ready. Regarding the song’s theme, he stated, “This is for anyone who feels they haven’t found their somebody yet, x.”


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