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Home and Away reveals Tane Parata’s baby dramas in 21 new spoiler pictures


Tane Parata appears to be growing overly attached to the infant he discovered on the beach in this week’s episode of Channel 5’s Home and Away.

Cash Newman gets a request for assistance from well-known movie actress Stevie Marlowe in another location.

Monday, April 22: Tane remains at the shore besides the abandoned infant he discovered.
He even chooses to give the child the Māori name for “courage,” “Maia.”

April 22, Monday: Mali makes an effort to back Tane
At the hospital, he meets up with his roommate.


April 22, Monday: Mali worries about Tane
Given that Tane won’t leave the hospital, he worries that his friend is becoming overly connected to the child.

April 22, Monday: Tane gets a notion
No one has come forward to claim the infant as their own, so he wants to take on the role of emergency foster carer.

Monday, April 22: Tane’s application to be a foster carer is denied by Harper on the grounds that he isn’t a permanent resident and wasn’t born in Australia.

April 22, Monday: Harper maintains that the regulations won’t be altered.
Tane had to start over from scratch.


Tuesday, April 23: Tane won’t give up on his goals
He’s still determined to find a solution to make the foster situation work in spite of Harper’s cautions.

Tuesday, April 23: Mali is concerned that Tane is squandering his time, so Tane confides in her.

Tuesday, April 23: Mali attempts to bring Tane down to earth.
He emphasises that there are stringent regulations in place and that Tane won’t be getting special treatment.

Tuesday, 23 April: Roo visits Tane and the infant
The Summer Bay community has developed a strong emotional attachment to Maia’s situation.


Tuesday, April 23: Tane gives the most recent information.
He feels let down that he is unable to assume Maia’s responsibilities.

Thursday, April 25: Cash is hired as a personal guard.
He isn’t given any more information or the identity of the client.

On Thursday, April 25, Cash shows up at an opulent yacht.
It appears that his client is a well-known individual.

Thursday, April 25: Stevie Marlowe, a well-known movie star, enters.

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