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Home and Away’s Marilyn faces brick horror in Stunning Organics story


Next week, Marilyn Chambers from Home and Away will confront another unsettling menace on UK television.

When a brick is thrown through the window of Irene Roberts’ house, where Marilyn is temporarily staying, she discovers a disturbing note.

The Summer Bay favorite’s most recent scandal is connected to her on-going plot involving the dishonest cosmetics brand Stunning Organics.

Marilyn has launched a campaign against the company after learning about their dubious methods for taking advantage of clients and brand advocates.


The Channel 5 episodes airing the following week have Marilyn attempting to hide out at Irene’s home after receiving threats as a result of the candid newspaper interview she conducted about Stunning Organics.

John Palmer, Marilyn’s ex-husband, notices that something seems to be bothering her, but she makes every effort to act as if nothing is wrong.

Marilyn, however, finds it difficult to hide her worries when a client at the coffee cart seems to be monitoring her with an ulterior goal.

Marilyn inquires about the status of the threatening voicemail she had previously received from police officer Rose Delaney. Rose grudgingly acknowledges that she has made no progress in finding the offender.


Marilyn ultimately confides in John about everything that has been going on after feeling hopeless.

A brick with the words “No more interviews, or else” is hurled through the window of Irene’s home, interrupting the former couple.

Later, Irene surprises Marilyn when she unexpectedly arrives home from her trip at night. Irene is shocked as Marilyn prepares a frying pan as a weapon and almost launches an assault.

Marilyn is forced to explain what happened when Irene questions her about her boarded-up window.


All of Marilyn’s friends advise her to put her own safety first and say it’s okay to give up the fight against Stunning Organics.

After giving it some thinking, Marilyn decides against quitting up and instead arranges a second interview for Stunning Organics with a major newspaper.

Could the scariest threat still be ahead as an unknown person begins taking pictures of Marilyn on the beach?

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