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Home and Away’s Logan walks out on Mackenzie after shock discovery


In scenes that will appear on UK television next week, Logan Bennett from Home and Away will leave Mackenzie after he makes a startling revelation.

After being called to Salt to save Tane from a stabbing, Logan is left alone with a barely conscious Tane.

Logan is shocked by Mackenzie’s dishonesty as she explains to him that her debt and the illegal poker sessions she was hosting at Salt were the origin of the entire mess.

Logan feels compelled to provide emergency care on the spot since if they took Tane to a hospital, they would have to be honest about this.


Logan eventually makes it home after donating part of his own blood to save Tane’s life.

The marriage is currently having some severe problems, and he still feels betrayed by Mackenzie for placing him in this challenging situation and for lying to him for weeks.

As he packs his luggage and tells Mackenzie he needs space, a furious Logan. He’s made the decision to visit Tane while he recovers.

Logan doesn’t want to hear Mackenzie’s apology, despite her best efforts. Will they manage to solve this problem?


The soap opera, which has previously broadcast on Australian television, appears to be building up to Logan’s impending departure.

The producers of Home and Away confirmed in December of last year that they would not recast Harley Bonner’s role and would not bring him back to film in 2022.

At the time, a spokeswoman clarified: “When filming begins on Home and Away in the upcoming weeks, Channel Seven can confirm Harley won’t be coming back. We send our best wishes and genuine appreciation to Harley for his efforts on the programme as he departs.”

Logan’s exit was broadcast in Australia a few weeks ago, and the parting scenes were shot months in advance.


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