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Home and Away’s Mackenzie Booth to make a big dating decision after Logan’s exit


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

After Logan’s departure from Home and Away, Mackenzie Booth will make a significant dating choice.

Logan Bennett, who had reenlisted after a challenging few months, made the abrupt choice to depart Summer Bay, and Mac has been struggling with this decision. Logan’s departure troubled Mac, but he accepted his choice.

Instead, Mackenzie is determined to manage Salt with a “hands off” strategy in order to put business first. Although Ziggy is relieved that Mac isn’t working nonstop, she feels that there should be more time for romance.


When Ziggy initially asks Dean for dating advice, Dean declines to put Mac in touch with a handsome surfer. When one of Dean’s surf students asks for Mac’s phone number, Dean is surprised.

Ziggy believes that pairing these two together is a brilliant idea, which causes an awkward situation in which Dean is forced to control his emotions at the prospect of his half-romantic sister’s relationship blossoming.

Beginning to feel the tension between Dean and Ziggy is Mackenzie. When she demands to know why they are acting strangely around her, Dean gives up and provides Mac the number of one of his students.

As Mackenzie explains that she’s simply not ready to start dating so soon after Logan’s departure from Summer Bay, a delighted Ziggy can’t help but feel let down.


The following day, Ziggy is overjoyed to learn that Mac will actually be out on a date with the surfing student! Even though Mac says she’s ready to start over, she suddenly changes her mind and cancels the date.

Is Mac ready to move on yet?

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