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Home and Away’s Lewis Hayes is probably planning another shocking murder in 28 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, May 17.

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Monday, May 17: Mac has passed out at Salt Lake City.

She overworked herself by going back to work against the doctor’s orders.


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Monday, May 17: Tane and Ziggy offer assistance to Mac.

They take her to the hospital right away.

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Monday, May 17: Ari stands on the Salt balcony, watching.

He’s worried about Mac and doesn’t know what’s wrong.

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Monday, May 17: Mia is placed in an awkward situation.


She is aware of Mac and Ari’s baby’s recent loss, but Ari is still unaware.

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Tane and Ziggy are waiting for news on Monday, May 17th.

Mac is currently undergoing testing.

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Monday, May 17: Mac is assured that she need not be concerned.


She has an infection, but it isn’t life threatening.

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Monday, May 17: Ziggy and Tori have a quiet conversation.

She explains that Mac hasn’t been able to cope since the baby’s death.

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Tuesday, May 17th: Tori recognises the Mac needs assistance.

She intervenes and attempts to assist.

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Tori informs Mac about counselling services on Monday, May 17th.

Mac should seek help from her, she advises.

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Mac isn’t ready for counselling on Monday, May 17th.

Despite the fact that she accepts Tori’s flyers, she has no intention of seeking counselling.

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Ari arrives at the hospital on Monday, May 17th.

Mia has finally informed him of the pregnancy.

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Tane is worried on Monday, May 17th.

He’s not sure if Mac wants to see Ari.

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Monday, May 17th: Ari is centred.

He needs to see Mac to make sure she’s all right.

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Monday, May 17: Ari pays a visit to Mac in the hospital.

He expresses his support.

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Monday, May 17: Ari reveals that he has all the answers.

Now that Ari knows the facts, it’s a weight off Mac’s shoulders.

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Monday, May 17th: Mac has a meltdown.

Her sorrow is too much for her to bear.

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Tuesday, May 17th: Ari makes an effort to help Mac.

When Ari leaves to return home with Mia, however, it is a sad moment for Mac.

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Christian is irritated on Monday, May 17th.

He now has a criminal record as a result of his assault on Lewis.

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Monday, May 17: Tori and Jasmine are concerned about rising tensions.

It’s obvious to them all that Lewis and Christian will never be friends.

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Lewis makes a shocking new move on Tuesday, May 18th.

He ties Christian up in a hospital bed in a disused ward at Northern Districts after knocking him out.

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Lewis makes his demands on Tuesday, May 18th.

He demands that Christian record a confession about Anna’s death, but Christian refuses.

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Tuesday, May 18: Lewis has to fall back on Plan B.

Lewis intends to give Christian a lethal injection after murdering other patients at the hospital.

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Lewis reveals his intentions to assassinate Christian on Tuesday, May 18th.

Lewis can see the exact moment Christian dies because he is hooked up to a heart monitor.

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Lewis administers the injection on Tuesday, May 18th.

Christian has no way of stopping him.

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Tori and Jasmine arrive on Wednesday, May 19th, in search of Christian and Lewis.

The sight that awaits them astounds them.

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Tori rushes over on Wednesday, May 19th.

Christian is in a bad mood right now.

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Wednesday, May 19: Jasmine is completely taken aback.

Lewis had no idea what he was capable of.

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Tori attempts to save Christian’s life on Wednesday, May 19th.

Lewis stands there watching, hoping he’s done enough to get rid of Christian.

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