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Home and Away’s Levi questioned over affair in 16 spoiler pictures


Next week, love cheat on Channel 5’s Home and Away When his sister Eden asks Levi Fowler if he’s having an affair with Bree Cameron, he’s not sure what to reply.

In another scene, cops drag Tane Parata away for refusing to keep his distance from Maia, the infant.

Monday, May 13: Tane pays the infant another visit.

After hearing from Dana that Maia has a fever, Tane decides to stay by her side despite being urged not to.


Monday, May 13: Tane worries about Maia’s well-being.

He exaggerates the severity of the problem.

Monday, May 13: Rose finds something.

When Tane returns with the child, she is taken aback.


Monday, May 13: Rose attempts to talk Tane out of it.

She informs him that he should maintain his distance.

Monday, May 13: Rose is beginning to lose patience.

The state of affairs is getting out of hand.


Monday, May 13: Tane and Rose are at a standoff.

She threatens to file for a restraining order against him if this keeps up.

Monday, May 13: Tane is not going to give up.

He feels that he is entitled to be with Maia.

On May 13, Monday, Dana assumes

While Tane is being attended to, she takes Maia out of the room.


Monday, May 13: Tane must deal with the fallout

Rose threatens to put him in jail.

Tuesday, May 14: Roo goes back to check on the infant

Dana chooses to give her an update.

Tuesday, May 14: Dana discusses the concerning circumstance

She said that the cops escorted Tane away.

Tuesday, May 14: Roo is worried by Dana’s confession.

Roo has been thinking of taking on Maia as an emergency foster child in order to give Tane time to apply to become a permanent resident of Australia and take up the role. Does Roo now question her commitment to Tane?

May 16, Thursday: Eden is not feeling well.

For her own safety, Cash has encouraged Stevie Marlow to move in with them.

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