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Home and Away’s Kirby Aramoana struggles as ex-boyfriend Bob returns


She makes her preferences for a partner known.

Next week on UK television, Kirby Aramoana will experience a flashback when her ex-boyfriend Bob Forsyth returns to Summer Bay.

Last year, Kirby and Bob went their own ways when Bob left the four-piece band Lyrik due to disagreements. The couple’s disagreements over work caused difficulties, and Kirby supported her bandmates over her lover.

Theo Poulos has taken over as Lyrik’s lead singer since Bob left. Theo and Kirby have also begun dating, and things are currently going well for them.


Theo and Kirby celebrate after conducting a fruitful radio interview to advertise Lyrik’s music in the episodes airing the following week.

Sadly, their happiness is short-lived when Bob unexpectedly shows up again. Bob doesn’t waste much time before attempting to woo Kirby in front of Theo in an effort to make trouble.

Theo isn’t one to be easily alarmed, so he maturely accepts to give Kirby some time to speak with Bob privately.

When Bob and Kirby are alone, Bob shocks Kirby by saying that he regrets leaving her and now wants her back.


Lyrik’s thrilling radio debut is being listened to while Theo broods by himself in the garage.

Theo is upset that he wasn’t able to experience this important moment with Kirby because Bob’s reappearance derailed everything.

Theo doesn’t appear to need to be concerned as Kirby leaves Bob despite Bob’s cries for a reconciliation.

Felicity Newman is informed that Bob needs a place to stay, but he still refuses to accept defeat and leave the city. He can stay for one night, Tane and Nikau Parata concede grudgingly.


Theo is subsequently reassured that Kirby wants him when she requests for more time to think about this difficult situation.

When Kirby tells Bob that he is no longer wanted in her life, Bob is saddened to see the couple sharing a tender moment.

When persistent Bob trickily challenges Theo to a game of pool, things are about to become heated.

As they converse, Bob makes an attempt to cause conflict by asserting that Kirby has a history of rebound relationships but always returns to him. Will Theo accept his story?

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