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Secret texts, baby scare and dangerous love triangle: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


Theo (Matt Evans) is enraged this week on Home and Away when he notices a text from Bob (Rob Mallet) appear on Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) phone. Why does his girlfriend text her ex-boyfriend?

She, however, argues that she did nothing wrong and becomes irate with him when he confronts her about it. When Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Theo express their disapproval of her meeting with Bob, she makes plans to do so. However, how much is she willing to sacrifice for the guy who broke her heart?

Meanwhile, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who had been experiencing morning sickness, was prepared to start working when she was suddenly overcome with excruciating abdominal cramps. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) urges her to see the hospital right away, and as she is hurried there, she starts to worry: what if the baby has a problem?

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, January 9.


The music video for Bob Lyrik’s song, “Theo Discovers Kirby’s Secret Texts,” is growing in popularity, and Theo is enamoured with all the supportive comments online. He can’t help but notice Kirby is restrained, though. Do the trolls she mentioned bother her at all? Theo recognises it as a text from Bob when Kirby leaves her phone on the table and it flashes with a notification. Why is his girlfriend texting her ex, his heart skipping a beat? He holds his tongue while he waits for her to admit, but he is secretly furious.

Eden and Cash are compelled to be married, forcing them together.
The official wedding planning process has begun, but it soon becomes apparent that Tane and Felicity have quite different ideas. Tane wants a customary Maori ceremony, but Felicity wants a huge party. Felicity does adhere to one custom, though, by asking Eden to serve as her maid of honour. She then asks nervously if Cash would accompany her on her wedding day. Cash and Eden soon discover themselves at a wedding planning gathering since both ex-lovers are now playing significant roles in the wedding. Felicity is finally compelled to step in as the tension increases.

Marilyn has been found, but does she really want to go back home?

Since Heather, her long-lost daughter, and her friends took Marilyn captive, Marilyn has lately left the Bay. Alf asks Cash to find her, but when the officer won’t say where she is, Alf is enraged, and Roo follows up by imploring – they only want to stand by Marilyn. Cash reluctantly admits that Marilyn is in the city, so Roo and Nikau head out to find her. They learn that Marilyn volunteers at a shelter for children, but Marilyn is certain that she doesn’t want to go back home.


After experiencing stomach cramps, Ziggy is transported to the hospital.
Now that Ziggy’s morning sickness has finally subsided, she is eager to resume living as normally as she can. She is eager to start working as the garage manager in her new position. But as soon as she begins, she experiences excruciating stomach discomfort. Dean won’t have any of it and insisted she go to the hospital despite her attempts to dismiss it. Is the infant having a problem?

Ziggy irritates Justin as the garage suffers.

When clients start calling, Justin, who has left Ziggy to open the garage and handle business, is perplexed and irritated. They are curious as to why the garage is closed. Justin ponders Ziggy’s whereabouts and why she isn’t at work. He has no idea Ziggy is in the hospital, so when he goes to find her later, he is incensed to learn that she has simply forgotten to open up. Justin starts to question whether he should have given Ziggy a promotion.

To Bree’s horror, Jacob makes a suggestion that he might permanently move to the Bay.
Bree and Jacob have been residing together in a motel room in Summer Bay, and Remi, who is gravely concerned about Bree, has been suffering because of Jacob’s violent behaviour. To make matters worse, Jacob starts to imply that he is tired of working in the mines and being gone from her for weeks at a time. To Bree’s dismay, he advises that he stay in the Bay. She was counting down the days until he went because she could take no more of his hurt. Will she have to spend the rest of her life with him?


After a wager with Rose, Xander selects a steamy date.

Xander and Rose haven’t had much luck finding love while living in the Bay, but after Xander plays a practical joke on Rose by downloading a dating app to her phone, Rose resolves to exact her vengeance. Rose notices a woman eyeing Xander up while they are playing pool against each other in the Surf Club. She offers a bet: if she wins, Xander will ask the newbie out. She will ask a guy out on her dating app if Xander triumphs. Rose plays well as the wager is placed. Xander shrugs and walks over to the woman, telling her that she has won. Is his romantic life about to become better?

Bree finds comfort in Remi’s embrace, and romance blooms?

Since Bree’s violent husband, Jacob, came to the Bay, Remi has been gripped by anxiety. His worry increases when he learns that Jacob intends to stay in the Bay, and he leaves a message asking Cash to get in touch with him.

Then, while searching for her, he dashes through the town drawing attention to himself. Until he comes home, he is about to give up when he sees Bree sobbing uncontrollably on his porch. Will their newfound intimacy—which he cradles in his arms—turn into romance?

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