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Home and Away’s Kate Ritchie returns to Summer Bay: ‘Home’


Kate Ritchie, a former star of Home and Away, has returned to Summer Bay.

The actress, who starred in the soap opera for 20 years as Sally Fletcher, is a favourite among viewers.

After ascending to Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Kate posted a selfie of herself at Palm Beach, where Home and Away is filmed.

The radio anchor wore a black T-shirt with a black sweatshirt wrapped around her shoulders, and she accessorised with a laid-back black baseball cap.


She appeared at ease as she took in the lovely surroundings and the warm weather.

She captioned it, “Heading home and filling my cup today.”

Fans were shocked by the message, and many of them hoped that the judge from Australia’s Got Talent was recording a cameo on the serial.

One individual said, “Did you call in and see Alf?” Kate replied, “Sure did. Should I not, he would be furious.


Are you going to bring Sally back? I miss you in Home and Away. A second person spoke up.

Another person said, “Nice to see Kate at Summer Bay.”

The Nova FM host recently took a vacation from Kate, Tim & Joel after receiving a fine for driving under the influence in late August.

The result of Kate’s breathalyser was 0.06, which is just a little bit higher than the permitted limit of 0.05.


She addressed the error in a statement on Instagram, writing: “Recently I participated in a random breath test. Despite the low level, the test was successful.

“I made a bad choice, and I am aware of how severe my acts are, there is no mistake about that. I genuinely apologise, Kate.

After being charged with drunk driving, the celebrity took a hiatus from her radio show, but fans couldn’t wait for her Monday return.

One supporter commented on Instagram, “So glad you’re back on television Kate, miss your laugh.”

“I was travelling today and was so glad to hear you back on the air! Another person commented in, “You make me chuckle all the time.

Kate, we’re so thrilled you’re back on air, a third person said.


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