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Home and Away’s Emily Symons, 53, shows off stunning transformation



On Wednesday, Emily Symons displayed a remarkable metamorphosis, and her admirers are still talking about it.

The 53-year-old Home and Away actress recorded herself getting ready for her renowned Marilyn Chambers-Fisher character while wearing hair and makeup.

The department’s chief, Laura Vazquez, recorded the transition video and uploaded it to TikTok and Instagram.

The video’s title read: “When [Emily Symons] turns into Marilyn.” A glamorous time with gorgeous Emily.


‘Omg love this Laus, I wish it was this quick [in real life]’ the adored actress wrote in a swift remark on the photo.

Meanwhile, Emily’s followers were enamoured with the video and one even commented, “Emily genuinely never ages.”

What does Palm Beach use to treat its water with? You all never get old! ‘ added a second.

A third enthusiast was more intrigued by Emily’s recognisable hairstyle.


They included a sobbing emoji and the phrase “The classic Marilyn hairstyle.”

It follows the Ageless star’s admission that she had all but “given up” on having children before giving birth to Henry when she was 45.

After several unsuccessful IVF efforts, she stated in an interview with TV WEEK that she was losing hope of ever becoming a mother.

She admitted, “I really believed it couldn’t happen and I was too old.”


I initially believed it to be impossible, but it isn’t. Really, I had given up because I believed I had exhausted all of our options.

Emily and Paul Jackson are parents to Henry, six, and Emily urged other ladies going through similar circumstances to “not give up.”

The single mother admitted that she “spent a lot of my 30s being so agonised over not having a baby.”

She acknowledged that nothing else in her life even mattered since she was “so desperate to have a baby.”

Emily finally gave birth to Henry by caesarean after a challenging pregnancy, and she claims the child has shown her how to find joy again in the wake of her mother’s passing.

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