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Home and Away’s Alf Stewart could die in shock Heather storyline


Could the first person to live in Summer Bay actually perish?

Alf Stewart’s life will be in jeopardy this week in Australian episodes of Home and Away due of Heather, who is still a hazardous addition to Summer Bay.

Since she arrived, Heather Fraser has been causing all kinds of trouble due to her grudge towards Marilyn. Heather is determined to make life as difficult as possible for her long-lost mother.

And her most recent scheme will be disastrous for Marilyn since she buys into Heather’s fabrications when she claims that she wants to make up for her previous wrongdoings by inviting Marilyn and her friends out to lunch.


All of Alf, Roo, Irene, and Leah are asked along for the excursion, but Leah is hesitant to go since she suspects Heather is up to something and that it might be another ruse.

Before losing her calm and knocking Leah out cold, Heather’s true colours are revealed as she tries to phone Marilyn. Marilyn is then confronted with the kind of person she is truly dealing with.

As her friends start to show up and begin to drink from the glasses that Heather has spiked, Marilyn can only watch in terror as she is still restrained.

However, when Alf’s heart problem is triggered by the chemical, it appears as though it could be fatal. Heather won’t let him go and instead uses the opportunity to reveal Marilyn’s huge secret to the audience.


Rose and Cash learn of Heather’s horrible deeds while everyone else is left at her mercy. They are shocked to learn that Heather had her adopted mother’s body in her freezer.

Will Rose and Cash be able to find everyone before it’s too late now that the whole scope of Heather’s evil deeds is exposed, and will Alf survive?

Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, recently discussed the plot with TV WEEK. She said: “Marilyn is really delighted that Heather wants to restore things because she was so terrified when Heather went without saying goodbye. She desires to restore the harm she has caused and forge a relationship with her daughter.

According to the most recent news, Marilyn will have her job cut out for her there.


In six weeks, these sequences will be broadcast in the UK.

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