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Home and Away to reveal newcomer Valerie’s tragic backstory


The terrible past of newcomer Valerie Beaumont will be revealed to UK viewers of Home and Away.

Valerie will hesitantly open up to her new friend Theo Poulos when he inquires about her background after she accompanied Leah Patterson to Summer Bay in scenes that have already debuted in Australia and are scheduled to air on UK screens next week (March 25, 26, and 27).

But Valerie ducks the questions and is hesitant to talk. Theo apologises to Valerie the following day for going too far in inquiring about her family.

She goes on to say that he is fortunate to have family members watching out for him, such his aunt Leah and Justin Morgan.


Later, Valerie chooses to respond to Theo’s enquiries concerning her family, admitting that no one in a long time has questioned her about her history save her therapists.

Valerie goes on to say that her brother’s death in an automobile accident is her fault, according to her parents.

One night, after a heated dispute on the way home from the party, her brother had picked her up, and their car had ended up upside down. Valerie called out to her brother after the crash, but he refused to wake up.

She goes on to describe how she tore her family apart in a single night by sadly revealing that her parents never forgave her for the accident. What will be Theo’s response to her admission?


After becoming friends with Leah while she was an inpatient at a mental health clinic, Valerie travelled to Summer Bay.

Actress Courtney Clarke discussed Valerie’s experience with “trauma and self-loathing” in an interview with TV Week, revealing that this affects Valerie’s decision to travel to Summer Bay.

When she encounters Leah in the clinic, she is quite far along a path of pain and self-loathing. Valerie determines that spending time with her new acquaintance is the best course of action. “So she makes her way to Summer Bay,” she remarked.

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