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Home and Away’s Justin makes a big mistake in Leah story


In his narrative with Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan of Home and Away is going to make a grave error.

Leah requested separation from her fiancé Justin after her stay at the mental health centre and her return to Summer Bay so that she could concentrate on her recuperation.

Irene Roberts pulls Justin out for continuing to show up at the Diner in the hopes of running into Leah, though, in scenes that will air in the UK on March 25, 26, and 27 after a supper together gave him hope.

When no one responds, Justin immediately goes to Alf Stewart’s house, where Leah is staying, and waits on the doorstep.


When Leah gets home with Marilyn Chambers and Valerie Beaumont, she finds Justin waiting. Leah chats to him, but she feels awkward since she feels that he has gone beyond what she has established.

But later, Valerie, Leah’s clinic roommate, comes by the garage to encourage Justin to ask Leah out to dinner and to not give up.

After the couple had dinner together, Valerie and Leah’s nephew Theo Poulos walk Leah home.

Valerie and Theo leave for a drink at Salt in the meantime. Valerie wants to know Theo better but is hesitant to discuss her background.


Justin goes in to kiss Leah as they arrive at the trailer site, but she pulls away and tells him to go. Justin feels remorse for pushing himself too far.

After seeking guidance from Marilyn and Valerie over how to handle the matter, Leah informs Justin that her intention is not to cause him any trouble, but rather to ascertain what he anticipates from her.

In answer, Justin states that he anticipates their being together and Leah returning home whenever she feels ready. He tells her to take as long as she needs and to make the decisions while they stroll together.

Can Justin persuade Leah to change her mind once more?


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