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Home and Away to bring in two new characters in mystery story


Home and Away has revealed the first glimpse of two new characters that are part of an enigmatic plot.

Jessica Redmayne and Ally Harris will play Harper and Dana, two new siblings on the serial opera, it has been reported.

Harper and Dana will be introduced to fans when they premiere on UK television later in 2023, but the twins are actually related to a Summer Bay resident.

Viewers will have to tune in to learn the precise reason Harper and Dana have travelled to Summer Bay, as well as whether or not their reunion with a well-known individual will end happily.


Jessica Redmayne is a Federation University Arts Academy alumna who has been performing and dancing since she was a young child.

She had a role in the Australian drama 800 Words before, and in 2020, she doubled for the notorious Fake Dee character on Neighbours, gaining some experience in soap operas. Additional appearances include roles in the Australian Prisoner revival Wentworth and the legal comedy Fisk.

Her new co-star Ally Harris, who studied at the esteemed Fontainebleau Conservatory of Music and Drama in France, too has a remarkable professional background.

Ally’s on-screen credits include roles in the true-crime television programmes Harrow and The Claremont Murders. In addition to performing, Harris is a writer and producer. She has performed on stage with the touring production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


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