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Home and Away to air sad split for Kirby Aramoana and Theo Poulos


Kahu Parata from Home and Away will be confronted by his cousin Tane after being exposed for lying once more.

Kahu unexpectedly arrived in Summer Bay in recent episodes, moving in with Tane and his wife Felicity Newman and taking a job at his cousin’s gym. Kahu has clashed with his family over his frequent lying, making his stay anything but easy.

In upcoming scenes on Channel 5, Kahu will finally pay for his actions as Tane confronts him about his dishonest activities.

Felicity is pleased to see that the cousins appear to have patched things up after their arguments after the pair’s recent discussion regarding Kahu’s continued financial difficulties.


Tane becomes concerned that Kahu is still keeping secrets when he does not show up for work and Kahu continues to be suspiciously silent about the problem. Tane is outraged upon returning home to find that Kahu has removed all of his stuff and vanished.

Later, he gets a call from the credit card company warning him about a recent houseboat rental and other dubious charges made on the gym’s card.

Tane locates the houseboat after concluding that Kahu is responsible for the purchases and demands that his cousin talk about his actions.

Kahu admits, realising he’s in a bind, that his mother took out a loan on her home to support his career. Kahu is ashamed and unable to accept the truth after losing all the money.


Tane urges him to be truthful and offers to travel home with Kahu so he may tell his mother the truth.

Will Tane be able to assist his cousin in receiving the aid he requires?

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